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Starting February 1st, Tres Armour is teaching the following schedule:

Monday            5:30PM
Tuesday           9:00AM
Wednesday     No classes
Thursday         9:00AM
Friday              2:00PM-Restorative
Saturday         No classes
Sunday            2:00PM-Yin (90min)

We will resume to our regular class schedule on Monday, March 2nd!

Class descriptions:
In Restorative Yoga class we use deep relaxation and guided meditation combined with completely
relaxed and supported Yoga postures to attain peace and stillness. From this quite place within ourselves
we can rest and restore our mind, body and spirit.

In Yin Yoga class we use mostly passive Yoga postures to stretch and strengthen the muscles and
connective tissues. This helps to unblock the energy pathways and chakras of the body restoring blance to
both the physical and the energetic body.

Both classes have a deep focus on the breath throughout the practice followed by 10 minutes of shavasana.


Please note that our regular class schedule as listed below is suspended between February 1-28th, 2015. All Chair Yoga and Pre/Post-natal Yoga Classes are canceled. We will be back to this schedule on March 2nd!

NEW Sramana Yoga Schedule


Sramana Yoga Rates

Private yoga instruction available upon request.
Please contact us for further information. 

Pre-registration only required for prenatal and postnatal classes.